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BTS Suga Height, Weight, Measurements, Eye Color, Biography

BTS Suga Height, Weight, Measurements, Eye Color, Biography

Bulletproof7bts, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


If you’re wondering: Who is BTS Suga?, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll answer that question and more! We’ll take a closer look at the young singer’s background and current activities. Plus, learn more about his fans. After all, he’s a member of a South Korean boy band! Here’s a closer look at BTS’s new member Suga biography.

BTS Suga Biography

If you’re curious about the BTS Suga Biography, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find out more about the talented singer’s life and career. He’s also known by his stage names, Suga and Agust D. He is managed by Big Hit Music and debuted with South Korean boy band BTS in 2013. BTS Suga’s Height available in our article.

BTS Suga is a South Korean rapper and record producer. He was born on 9 March 1993 in Daegu, South Korea. His career started as an underground rapper. He has over sixty songs under his belt. In addition to his role in the BTS group, Suga is a solo artist with a number of chart-topping singles. His biography includes his early years as an underground rapper before joining BTS. BTS Suga’s Measurements available in our article.

During his early years, SUGA was a trainee at Big Hit Records. During this time, he also met J-Hope, who helped motivate him. Suga’s family was his primary concern. He also suffered from mental disorders. He also has a son and a daughter. Despite these difficulties, SUGA was able to get his dream job as a music producer. The rest of his life was spent producing music and making movies. BTS Suga’s Weight available in our article.

SHAQ Photo, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Born in Daegu, South Korea, Suga has made his mark in the music industry by performing as a songwriter and producer. Before becoming part of BTS, he was an underground rapper named Gloss. As a member of BTS, he has gained massive popularity. He released a solo album, titled Agust D, in August 2016. The songs on his album explore issues such as depression, fear, and fame. BTS Suga’s Body Measurements available in our article.

BTS Suga Body Statistics

Height5ft 8½inc or 174 Cm
Weight143lb or 65 Kg
Body Measurements (Bust, Waist, Biceps)41-34-14 inc or 104-86-35 Cm
Bust Size41 inc or 104 Cm
Waist Size34 inc or 86 Cm
Biceps Size14 inc or 35 Cm
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack (Natural)

BTS Suga Height & Weight

BTS Suga Height and Weight is curious. BTS Suga is 5ft 8½inc height and weighs 143lb.

BTS Suga Body Measurement

BTS Suga body measurements are 41-34-14 inches

BTS Suga Eye Color & Hair Color

BTS Suga’s eye color is Green, hair color is Dark Brown

Life of BTS Suga

Min Yoon-gi began his career underground as a rapper in the hip-hop group D-Town. He also used the stage name ‘Gloss’ for his performances. This was his literal translation of his name in English. He was working with D-Town in 2010, when he released the song “518-062”, in commemoration to the “Gwangju Uprising.” Also, he appeared as a dancer and singer in Jo Kwon’s music video “I’m the One.”

Min Yoongi was part of the South Korean boyband ‘Bangtan Boys’, also known as BTS. In 2013, the band debuted. The debut of the band was June 2013. They released “No More Dream” from their debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool.” Yoon-gi composed a few tracks for ‘BTS.

2014 saw the release of two albums by BTS: a Japanese album titled ‘Wake up’ and a South Korean one titled ‘Dark & Wild’. Yoon-gi also wrote a few hits for BTS such as Jump’, Tomorrow’, and ’Like. He wrote songs for the hit albums ‘Wings,’ and The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1′. His songs were very well received and helped ‘BTS gain tremendous success. The band performed at events like the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Part 1’ and Billboard Music Awards. In 2017, Bangtan Boys became the first Kpop group to win the award for ‘Top Social Artist’ at ‘Billboard Music Awards.

Min Yoon-gi began his solo career in 2016 and released his first mixtape, “Agust D”, on ‘SoundCloud. ‘DT’ stands for his hometown of Daegu Town. Yoon-gi talked about his struggle with depression and social anxiety in this album. It was rated by “Fuse TV” as one of the top 20 mixtapes in 2016.

2017 was the year Yoon-gi wrote the song “Wine” for Suran. It was a huge hit with young Koreans. It reached second place on the “Gaon Digital Chart” and won the award for best ‘Soul/R&B track at the “Melon Music Awards” in December 2017. Yoon-gi was awarded the Hot Trend Award for his contribution to this song.

Yoon-gi reissued the mixtape in February 2018 for digital streaming and purchase. The album enjoyed unprecedented success after the reissue. It reached the third place on the Billboard World Albums Chart and the fifth on the Heatseekers Albums Chart. It reached number 74 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart. Yoon-gi’s solo album “Agust D”, which was released under Yoon-gi, also reached number 46 on that chart.

As a member of BTS, Suga has also been awarded the fifth class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea. He released his debut mixtape under the alias “Agust D” on SoundCloud. “DT” stands for his hometown. This is a sign of his success. The music video has received over 50 million views, and his name has been used as a part of the BTS mascot since then.

During the first two years of preparation, BTS Suga was able to gain a lot of experience. In 2013, the group made their live debut, performing songs that were included in the country’s major music ratings. Critics praised their singing and dancing abilities. They released seven songs from which “No More Dream” was the most popular. A music video was released for this single, and it was regularly broadcasted on major Korean channels.

BulletProof7BTS, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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