Meek Mill Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Eye Color

Meek Mill is an American rapper, who is famous for his rap battles and live rap performances, which are rare in the industry. He has been pursuing an active career since 2003 and released many successful tracks. Meek Mill’s Height available in our article.

His full name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, and he was born on May 6, 1987. Although he has had an active career since 2003, he signed his first record deal in 2008. The was signed by T.I. and since those years, he engaged in rap battles and started his live rap group. In 2011, he left Grand Hustle Records to sign a deal with Maybach Music Group, which is owned by rapper Rick Ross. He released his first studio album in 2012 and he managed to be listed on Billboard 200 in the United States by ranking number two. Meek Mill’s Weight available in our article.

In the same year, Meek Mill announced that he is going to start his own label imprint called Dream Chasers Records. He also has mixtape series with the same name. He often collaborates with other artists in the Maybach Music Group, and he released his second album in 2015. In 2018, he released his fourth album and ranked number one on the United States Billboard 200 chart. His fifth and so far the last album Expensive Pain was released in 2021. During his career, he was sentenced to between 2 to 4 years in prison because of violating parole. He served five months in jail, which these days also told on Amazon Prime Video’s documentary series called Free Meek. Meek Mill’s Eye Color available in our article.

Meek Mill was born in South Philadelphia, and he has just one older sister. His mother died when he was a kid, and his father was killed. Meek Mill was only 5 years old, and he grew up in poverty. He and his sister were raised by his uncle. Upon the death of his uncle, his spouse took Meek Mill and his sister to move to North Philadelphia. He met the brothers of his father and one of them was Grandmaster Nell, who was a famous DJ in Philadelphia in those years. Meek Mill also started to be interested in hip hop in these years and grew up listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith.

He used to be known as Meek Millz in his teenage years and he used to engage in rap battles. Meek Mill and three of his friends formed a rap group called The Bloodhoundz and started to burn CDs to sell and distribute them to people they know. After the fourth mixtape, Meek Mill was signed by T.I. in 2008.

Meek Mill started to date famous rapper and singer Nicki Minaj in 2015. This also helped him to enjoy great recognition. The couple announced that they broke up in 2017. As of today, Meek Mill has three children. Two of his children, the first and third are from her former girlfriend Milan Rouge. Throughout his career, Meek Mill always got into trouble due to various reasons and he even had to serve in prison.

Meek Mill Body Statistics

Height6ft 2inc or 188 Cm
Weight202lb or 92 Kg
Body Measurements (Bust, Waist, Biceps)41-34-14 inc or 107-87-36 Cm
Bust Size41 inc or 107 Cm
Waist Size34 inc or 87 Cm
Biceps Size14 inc or 36 Cm
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Meek Mill Height & Weight

Meek Mill Height and Weight is curious. Meek Mill is 6ft 2inc height and weighs 202lb.

Meek Mill Body Measurements

Meek Mill body measurements are 41-34-14 inches

Meek Mill Eye Color & Hair Color

Meek Mill‘s eye color is Dark Brown, hair color is Black

Title Image Credit: Chris Sikich from Philadelphia, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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