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Kehlani Height, Weight, Measurements, Eye Color, Biography

Kehlani Height, Weight, Measurements, Eye Color, Biography
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Before she became famous, Kehlani had a dream of becoming a professional dancer and train at the prestigious Juilliard School. However, due to an injury she suffered in her junior high years, she decided to focus her time on singing instead. She was exposed to neo soul and R&B artists such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott, and decided to join one of these groups. In the meantime, Kehlani began stealing cell phones to sell and food to eat. This led to her debut solo track, “Antisummer Luv,” which was released on SoundCloud.Here is interesting facts about Kehlani biography.

Kehlani Biography

This Kehlani Biography will give you a quick glimpse at this Oakland-born R&B singer. She gives fans the real truth, both on stage and in interviews. Her music has echoes of classic Motown and confessionalconfessional lyricism. Her 2015 mixtape tells her story. It’s a fascinating peek into her world. Kehlani’s personal struggles have inspired the lyrics to her songs, and her recent Grammy nomination is testament to her enduring popularity. Kehlani’s Height available in our article.

When she was a child, Kehlani’s father was murdered in an act of gun violence. Her mother, a drug addict and criminal, was sent to jail shortly after Kehlani was born. Her mother’s incarceration and lack of support fueled Kehlani’s determination to become successful. Kehlani’s Measurements available in our article.

The singer’s career started as a member of Poplyfe. She was part of the group when they reached the fourth round on America’s Got Talent in 2011. After leaving the group, she struggled to find a permanent job and set up an apartment in Los Angeles. She also began receiving studio time from Nick Cannon. In 2014, she released her first solo mixtape, “Cloud 19,” which peaked at number 28 on Complex’s list of the 50 greatest albums of 2014. Kehlani’s Weight available in our article.

Tore Sætre, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The singer was born in Oakland, California on 24 April 1995. She attended the Oakland School of the Arts. Kehlani was more interested in dancing than acting and honed her skills in both ballet and modern dance. She dreamed of enrolling at the prestigious Juilliard School. Aside from singing and dancing, Kehlani also has tattoos on her arms and legs. Kehlani’s Body Measurements available in our article.

Kehlani Body Statistics

Height5ft 4,5inc or 164 Cm
Weight112lbs or 51 Kg
Body Measurements34-25-34 inches or 86-63.5-86 Cm
Chest Size34 inc or 86 Cm
Waist Size25 inc or 63,5 Cm
Hips Size34 inc or 86 Cm
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBlack

Kehlani Height & Weight

Kehlani Height and Weight is curious. Kehlani is 5ft 8inches height and weighs 156lbs.

Kehlani Body Measurement

Kehlani body measurements are 43-33-15 inches

Kehlani Eye Color & Hair Color

Kehlani’s eye color is Black, hair color is Dark Brown

Life of Kehlani

After releasing her first commercial mixtape, Cloud 19, Kehlani signed with Atlantic Records. Cloud 19 was listed on Complex’s 50 Best Albums of 2014, which led to the release of her second mixtape, You Should Be Here, which was followed by a successful North American tour. In 2016, Kehlani was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Kehlani has released two studio albums and is planning her third.

As a member of Poplyfe, Kehlani is an American singer and songwriter. She has described her ethnicity as a mixture of white and African-American descent. Her mother was a drug addict who served time in prison. Her aunt raised her while her mother was in jail, and her father died when she was a toddler. Kehlani attended Oakland School of the Arts where she studied ballet and modern dance.

In 2016, Kehlani was in a relationship with Kyrie Irving. The two broke up, and she publicly revealed that she was cheating on him, and she even attempted suicide because of the negative comments. Kehlani has also publicly identified as a pansexual and queer woman and is vegan. She also loves tattoos and has nearly 30 of them drawn on her body. Some of her tattoos include “today is the best day ever,” “hope” and “fluid.”

PartyNextDoor posted a photo of Kehlani’s hand to a social media platform in 2016 and suggested that he was involved. This caused a lot of controversy for Kehlani, who was at the time known to be with Kyrie Irving. She was also abused in thousands of posts. Kehlani attempted suicide after the negative media role played in the matter. American singer Kehlani then went on social media to explain that she did not cheat on Irving.

Title Image Credit: Tore Sætre, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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